The main specialization of the company is the manufacture of galvanized and PVC coated mesh fencing. Mark Metal offers fencing nets with different mesh size, wire diameter and height, which are sold in rolls of 10 m. PVC-coated grid can also be ordered in various colours, like: green, blue, brown, red, white and many others.

As a producer "Mark Metal" company has in its offer fence posts, wire, reinforcement mesh, fencing accessories and wrought iron gates and fences.

Company combines traditional methods of artistic metalwork with modern technologies for processing, finishing and installation of railings, fences and gates, which can meet the demands of modern construction.

Additionally in our warehouse You will find construction nails and wheelbarrows. Those interested are welcome to the product catalog and after selecting interesting assortment to contact us - as manufacturer we ensure competitive prices, high quality products and short order delivery date.

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